Our planet’s precious natural resources cannot be replenished at the pace we are consuming. Every year, we pump a million years’ worth of carbon into the atmosphere. Peter Head from Arup pointed out at the 2009 American Institute of Architects Convention in San Francisco, “at this rate, by 2100 our planet will have a temperature increase of 5 degree Celsius. It will be the end of civilization as we know it.”

MPG Hotels and Infrastructure Ventures, as a group run by responsible citizens of the planet, are adopting sustainable building practices. Our Hospitality projects incorporate the re-use of treated water from the sewage treatment plant for flushing toilets and HVAC chillers. Residential as well as hospitality projects use treated water for irrigation of landscaped areas. Water efficient fixtures for bathrooms, cool roofs to avoid heat island effect and, rain water harvesting are adopted for most of our projects. We advocate the use of low VOC finishes to enhance indoor air quality, and prefer to use materials with recycled content. ”

The use of energy saving lighting and controls, coupled with thermal efficient building envelope help bring down energy consumption. These initiatives, and more will be adopted by MPG Hotels and Infrastructure Ventures in conserving our planet’s finite resources.